christine ledure - master of advanced studies in international taxation

Initiating business activities
  • choosing the legal form of the business
  • reviewing the obligations related to the chosen structure
  • assessing the obligations with respect to social insurances for entrepreneurs and personnel
  • tax planning
  • identifying potential consequences with respect to international social security issues and provident schemes
Entrepreneur’s taxation
  • determining the managing shareholder’s salary (representation allowance …)
  • calculating the dividend distribution
  • optimisation of the self-employed person’s resp. the managing shareholder’s pension planning
  • reviewing the draft financial statements, in particular with respect to book entries related to the entrepreneur’s situation
  • business restructuring
  • farmer’s taxation
  • relief of intercantonal and international double taxation
Terminating business activities
  • planning the termination of the business activities
  • tax planning
Acquiring or selling a business
  • determining the possible options
  • coordinating the project with the various people involved (business owner, family, notary public, etc.)
  • tax planning with the buyer, resp. the seller
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