christine ledure - master of advanced studies in international taxation

After spending more than 10 years at Arthur Andersen in Zurich and graduating as a certified tax expert, Danielle Axelroud Buchmann, our founder, started her own business in 1997 and opened taxadvice, a tax office dedicated to individuals. The firm developed and was transformed into taxadvice ltd liab. co in 2009. The growth of the firm has always been made with the objective of ensuring its sustainability. With this in mind, Danielle Axelroud Buchmann has always been involved in the training of the next generation, first and foremost within her firm, but also as a speaker or author of specialised articles.

Danielle Axelroud Buchmann has always demonstrated her commitment to a fairer tax system and an economy that is not exclusively focused on defending our financial center, particularly in the editorials published in the Revue fiscale.

She retired at the end of 2016, and was succeeded by Christine Ledure.

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