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Since its beginnings, taxadvice ltd liab. co has incorporated an authentic citizen dimension into its activities by participating in the associative life of the region. We have supported the following projects in the fields of culture, ecology and women’s rights.

  • In 2022, we chose to sponsor the swimmer Flavie Capozzi. After having already made a first crossing of 75 km, Flavie Capozzi has achieved the even greater feat in July 2022 of crossing Lake Geneva and back, i.e. 150 km! Not only has Flavie Capozzi achieved an extraordinary sporting feat, but she is also characterised by her generosity. Indeed, no less than CHF 48’000 were collected by Flavie Capozzi for this event, which were donated to the Morija association, to finance water access projects in Burkina Faso. The entire taxadvice ltd liab. co team would like to thank Flavie Capozzi for coming to meet us for an enriching exchange.

  • Climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have reinforced our conviction to consume locally. These are two excellent reasons why we have also chosen to commit ourselves by providing support until the end of 2022 to the cooperative and participatory grocery shop Le Local based in the centre of Nyon and offering products from our region.

  • In spring 2020, we were committed to support the cultural world which has been dramatically hit by COVID-19. We have therefore chosen to support Visions du Réel, the only documentary film festival in Switzerland with an international reputation. It is one of the most important festivals in the world in the field of documentary production.
    Since 1969, the Festival has animated the streets of Nyon every spring for more than a week. In addition to presenting the majority of its films in world and international premieres, Visions du Réel is also a springboard for young directors who wish to prove themselves and a meeting place for professionals and amateurs of documentary cinema.

Consult or download the paper program of the Festival.


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