christine ledure - master of advanced studies in international taxation

Taxadvice ltd liab. co is a centre of excellence where we advise individuals on tax matters at a high level of ethics.

The firm and its employees build on the following values, always with the aim of creating long-term and trusting relationships with our customers:

  • integrity
  • confidentiality and discretion
  • transparency
  • respect, honesty and goodwill
  • availability and responsiveness
  • cohesion and stability of our team

Moreover, as a firm and an employer, taxadvice ltd liab. co must fulfill its social responsibility in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, whether social, environmental or economic. The philosophy of taxadvice ltd liab. co has always supported this vision, which was notoriously recognized by the awarding of the sustainable development prize in 2014 by the City of Nyon.

Here is the translation of what can be read on the City of Nyon website about the winners in the “Entreprise” category:

«In 2014, the jury decided to distinguish the tax consultancy office for individuals, taxadvice ltd liab. co, for its model of organisation of working time and personnel management, as well as for the ethical reflection that this firm leads in its field of activity. The consulting firm has shown that even in a sector that deals with tax law, i.e. money of individuals and community, it is possible to engage in a sustainable development approach, regardless of the size of the firm.

Taxadvice ltd liab. co works with integrity and transparency, offers part-time jobs that enable to harmonize work and private life, and devotes significant efforts to the ongoing training and professional development of its employees. The jury was also impressed by the firm’s overall approach to the environmental impact of its activities, the management policy taking into account employees’ ecomobility, energy savings, sustainable and equitable use of resources, waste reduction and recycling. Finally, the firm participates in the socio-cultural life of the region and is actively engaged, with its publications, for a fairer taxation, on the basis of the premise that paying taxes is a civic act at the basis of wealth distribution. »

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