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Established since 1997, our firm advises individuals on all matters related to their personal taxation, specialising on the international and intercantonal aspects. Being a small boutique tax advisory firm, we provide a high-quality, customised and tailored service by pro-actively evaluating your tax opportunities and your risks in Swiss tax matters.

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My employer introduced teleworking arrangements during the Covid-19 crisis.

Will I be able to claim specific professional deductions for this period?

My employee was quarantined by his doctor during the Covid-19 crisis and was unable to work.

Can I apply for financial assistance?

I see that a foreign tax is levied on my dividends received on foreign shares.

How do we get it back?

We are splitting/divorcing.

What changes for me?

I am an American citizen.

How can I avoid double taxation that may result from my tax obligations both in Switzerland and in the United States?

My daughter wants to take over my business.

What are the consequences for her and for me?

I am an American citizen and wish to make a voluntary contribution into my pension fund.

Will this really result in a tax saving?

We are setting up an expense reimbursement policy for our staff.

How do we negotiate this with the tax administration?

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