christine ledure

master of advanced studies

in international taxation



Established since 1997, our office advises individuals on all matters related to their personal taxation, specialising on the international and intercantonal aspects. Being a small, human-sized company, we provide a high-quality, customised and tailored service by pro-actively evaluating your tax opportunities and your risks in Swiss tax matters.

Do you speak tax? We do, fluently.

I am an American citizen.

How can I avoid double taxation that may result from my tax obligations both in Switzerland and in the United States?

I received income compensation benefits during the Covid-19 crisis.

How will they be taxed?

I am an American citizen and wish to make a purchase from my pension fund.

Will this really result in a tax saving?

I received stock options from my employer.

Is it really advantageous?

I just arrived in Switzerland.

What are my tax obligations?

We are splitting/divorcing.

What changes for me?

I want to restructure my estate.

How to do it while minimizing tax risks?

I am self-employed and my income has dropped drastically following the Covid-19 crisis.

What am I entitled to?