christine ledure

master of advanced studies

in international taxation


Established since 2008, our office advises individuals on all matters related to their personal taxation, specialising on the international and intercantonal aspects. Being a small, human-sized company, we provide a high-quality, customised and tailored service by pro-actively evaluating your tax opportunities and your risks in Swiss tax matters.


Do you speak tax? We do, fluently.

I want to sell a shareholding in a company.

Will the capital gain really be non-taxable?

I inherited a parcel that I intend to split before selling the different lots.

Is there any tax risk?

I am a shareholder of my own business.

Shall I pay myself a dividend or a salary?

I am an independent doctor and I have my medical practice in my family home which I own.

Are there tax risks?

I am about to retire.

How can I prepare for this?

I am an American citizen.

How can I avoid double taxation that may result from my existing tax obligations in Switzerland and the United States?

I am being sent abroad by my employer.

What are the consequences on my social security?

We are getting separated/divorced.

Taxwise, how am I going to be affected?