christine ledure

master of advanced studies

in international taxation



In 2014, the city of Nyon recognised taxadvice ltd liab. co’s social responsibility by awarding the price « Prix du développement durable », inter alia in acknowledgement for its action to reduce its environmental impact in its activities, and for its investment at the local level:

These convictions have not thinned out over time. On the contrary, our commitment has even become stronger. The opening of the COP26 summit in Glasgow reminds us how importantly all these small gestures matter to avoid the predicted climate catastrophe.

In this context, the premises of taxadvice ltd liab. co are not equipped with air conditioning, and the staff members pay attention on a daily basis to save paper by printing only what is necessary, to reduce electricity consumption by switching off computers as often as possible, to use washable and reusable crockery, to shop locally from Nyon shops, to recycle paper, to reuse our office supplies as long as possible, etc. In addition, taxadvice ltd liab. co also supports “Le Local “, a cooperative and participative grocery shop based downtown Nyon and offering products from our region.

Of course, there is still room for improvement. For example, taxadvice ltd liab. co is considering electronic document management solutions or additional incentives for the use of public transport.

Do not forget that small streams make big rivers. What are you doing to help our planet?